Monday, February 15, 2010

New gadget

I've just bought a Canon M80 portable Storage Device, secondhand from those nice people at mpbphotographic in Brighton.

It should retail for £570, but I was never going to pay that for a portable storage device.

Demonstrating near unique thinking by a technology vendor of late, I'm very pleased to note that it uses a BP511A battery that so many of other Canon devices use like the 5D, 30D & 40D, so no need for yet another charger taking up valuable desk space.

80Gbytes of mobile storage with built in CF & SD card slots. It supports all types of file formats & has a headphone jack as well, meaning it might get used on the train to watch films or TV programmes as well.

UPDATE 22/02 : what an amazing bit of kit! With one touch and the images on the data card taken out of the camera are backed up and ready to decant onto the PC at my leisure. The screen quality is excellent, just that bit bigger than the camera display and the controls are very similar to an EOS Digital camera, so very familiar.

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