Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Avatar 3D

It seems that yesterday was the day to see Avatar in 3D, purely by coincidence it seems that about 6 of my friends went to see it (in different places) on the same evening.

My 10 simple observations.....
1. It's way too long - 2 hours 45 mins even in a comfortable new cinema chair is too much.
2. Amazing 3D effects work really well, much better than I expected.
3. If you wear normal glasses and have the choice of switching to contact lenses for the viewing do it - I will be going back to watch it with my lenses in.
4. Book early and get the seats right in the middle of the cinema.
5. If you go this week and are driving to cinema take de-icer, because when you come out after 3 hours your car will be iced over again.
6. It does actually have a story and some good characters.
7. George Lucas HAS to make another Star Wars film using the 3D technology.
8. Go the loo before you go to the theatre, even if you don't need to go, just go and try.
9. The switch between live action and CGI works - something that I thought would be difficult.
10. Go see it!

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