Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photographers rights....

.... as I have been taking loads of photo's recently, this caught my eye on the BBC News website.

There have been many stories of late of photographers being challenged, and at some point if you take photo's in public places I suppose a stop & search is at some point inevitable, however if anyone (even a Police Officer) asks you to delete photo's or surrender Compact Flash cards etc. - YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED TO DO SO.

This link provides a very useful 2 page PDF file for reference.

You can sign up to the Downing Street petition to stop over zealous local authorities preventing us from doing what we have done for years & years.

Sadly, advertising like this from the Metropolitan Police doesn't help. It goes without saying (or advertising) that if anyone is taking any kind of interest in noting where things like CCTV camera's are in any location it should be reported.

Some of the more intelligent and enlightened forces have adopted some aircraft spotters as another set of eyes. Even the Metropolitan Police worked with Scotland Yard & BAA a few years ago with a scheme of registration for aircraft enthusiasts with LAAS International. The MoD have just started a similar scheme at RAF Coningsby.


Carl said...

When I cam back from a trip to Standstead a few months ago, we had a backup of about 5000 people at passport control for a flight from Norway, I took a picture and the "guy" came up telling me to delete the picture.

I did delete it, and then just used a DOS undelete command on it when I got home :-)

Ricey said...

Unfortunately Passport Control probably comes under the section of National Security. There are normally signs up saying No Photography in most areas when you are considered to be "airside" at any airport.

But the DOS undelete command trick is neat! Thanks.