Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heart, sleeve - sorry it's not me.....

... in the past I have been criticised, both in my life & here on my blog as being far too matierialistic - I make no apologies, I am a product of the Thatcher era. The Gordon Gekko "greed is good" speech in the film Wall Street struck a chord somehow with me as a 19 year old.

Back to the heart on sleeve comment.... it appears to come more easily to others, recent blogs I have discovered where people seem to open up in a way more easily than me are Wife in the North [I discovered her before the book deal! Maybe I AM cool? Then again probably not] and Perou. Both give insight into real [and very busy] day-to-day lives, I really cannot believe how busy Perou is, it seems another day equals another country, seems like a very cool man.

In an attempt to diversify my comments.... Brits 2007 - Russell Brand - excellent, Amy Winehouse - very good, Take That - excellent (but they should have mentioned RW!), Oasis - as Liam might say - best band in the whole wide fu**ing world.

Buzzcocks - Preston - what a twat!

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