Friday, May 05, 2006

At last.. some justice in Government

Why so glum Mr Clarke - it's not as if you have lost your job!? You're still an MP being paid well above the national average - even though you have done such a bad job.

Tony Blair has at last taken 50% of the move is both justified & absolutely necessary - getting rid of Charles Clarke is a start, now he must not just take the token move of relieving Prescott of his powers - he must put him out to pasture on the back benches as well.

I suggested earlier in this Blog that the only reason Prescott might survive is that Clarke had fucked up in a bigger way than he had at the same time. Looks like I've been proved right - this time.

Let's just hope that Prescott finds it a little too uncomfortable in the House of Commons without the political power that he was afforded by Blair in the past. I don't see a token position without that power sitting easily with Prescott - I predict he will either be given back those powers by Blair slowly & quietly after the dust has settled, or we will have the scenario I also wrote about a few months ago here of having a Lord Prescott of Hull in the House of Lords - may God (or anyone for that matter) forbid!

I wonder when Blunkett is coming back into the Cabinet?

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