Thursday, January 12, 2006

Time for another one to go....

Although I doubt this aggressive, sneering, violent and rude man will ever exit, unless its to the House of Lords with a title of Lord Prescott of Hull and an expense account that will allow him even more priviledge.

For a politician of this high office (he is after all DEPUTY Prime Minister!) to overlook a sum of £3,830.52 in Council Tax paid for him by the State whilst his Office fines, then prosecutes pensioners to the point where a few are imprisoned for not paying Council Tax rises above inflation is beyond belief.

I think he should follow Blunkett's long awaited example & resign, the man is a liability in any Government, even this one with all of it's previous incompetent Ministers and advisors including Byers, Mandelson, Blunkett & Campbell.

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