Saturday, November 19, 2005

I now use the force.....

no, not physical violence (but am very tempted at times with certain individuals).

My green Luke Skywalker Lightsaber has arrived! I'm sure all the difficulty in sourcing one of these is easily overcome in the New Year sales, but I wanted one NOW!

It seems a bit weird (or maybe it's just me?), of the people that have seen these, some say "Wow, fantastic, isn't it great!" and others just look at me as if to say what the fuck are you spending your cash on that shite for?

You can also practice your Jedi Lightsaber skills at eBaum's World.


Carl said...

What the fuck...

Ricey said...

I have always said that Carl lives in a binary world.

Things are easy to predict in a binary world.

Clearly, Carl has not let me down & merely reinforced my beliefs.

Happy Christmas Carl